(Marinetech 2017)

The Portuguese Hydrographic Institute and the Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research will present Marinetech 2017, taking place at Porto Cruise Terminal on november the 14 th, 15th & 16th,featuring the innovations in the field of marine technology through a parallel agenda of discussion panels, informal meetings and exhibition of technology by interested companies.

The 2nd edition of Marinetech, at Porto Cruise Terminal, will be conducted for the first time in the northern part of Portugal, next to a harbor area with very modern marine facilities. The event will be open to instrumentation manufacturers, designers of systems and software, end users and will have as its main theme: "Observatories and monitoring networks", with the aim of discussing how to modernize, flexibilize and sustain, the networks of on-site observations in an integrated way for all sectors of maritime activity.

Instrumentation laboratories, dealers, researchers from different domains of marine sciences, marine economy operators and other economic agents directly and indirectly interested in the marine environment, are invited to share experiences, successes and drawbacks, criticism, wishes and perspectives of development.


Porto Cruise Terminal



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